Thursday, 8 September 2016

How to make Stencils

Hi everyone,

 Today am gonna share tutorial about how to make stencil .. after so many trails i found my way of making stencil..  and i found the technique :) it worked out really  well and its cheaper

Materials required

1. Marker
2. OHP sheet
3. Incense stick
4.  match box

1. Draw pattern in ohp sheet or acetate sheet with marker and using incense stick just put a small hole (do it carefully) .. this helps you to cut the inner part of the pattern easily..

2. To cut the inner part of the pattern place the scissor in between the holes and cut it, according to the pattern,   (here i cutted the center part of the circle) it depends up on the design u choose ,  i
removed the inner part using scissors 

3. your stencil is ready

here are the few basic designs which i made for my personal use for small dots i used single hole punching machine,  and for other designs i followed same procedure.. 

if u want any other pattern u can make,  just take a print out of it ,  then trace it using marker to ohp sheet ( this print out technique is suggested by my friend priya wen i told here about my stenciling technique thanks priya)

i used my hand made stencil for making this card

Let me know you feedbacks :) Happy crafting :)

Thank you


  1. This is really nice idea.. thank you sharing.. m surely gonna try...

    1. welcome dr.. let me know the result :)

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  2. It's really very nice idea. I will surely try Afreen.

  3. Super idea dear!! Great card too :)

  4. It's very useful idea dear.. Thanks a lot.. Superb

  5. Great idea dear..will sure give it a try..

    1. thank you da :) try and let me know your feedback.. Happy crafting :)

    2. thank you da :) try and let me know your feedback.. Happy crafting :)