Saturday, 27 August 2016

Monochromatic shaker card. #ICRCMON02

Hello friends,

            Today am gonna share a card which i made in monochromatic shaker card.. For this card i used black cardstock,  embossed card,  ohp sheet,  sequins, artistry inks . here is the card before adding senti


after adding senti

i just sticked orange embossed card to the black cardstock,  then i created the scenary using artistry inks and adhere to square black cardstock, now stick it on the orange embossed card then take a piece of square frame stick ohp sheet at the back,  stick foam tapes in sides of square frame put some sequins and stick on the base which we created already..  add senti as you wish P.S inspired from google

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Embossed masking up with stencil

Hello All,

Today i found something new,  and tried .  its just fun to try this technique and i love the result..  as i didnt referred any website or youtube channel for making this card,  this s is my own technique i named it as embossed masking up with stencil..   here are the pics..


I just used Artistry inks, sentiment,  embossed card and stencil ..stencil the background in embossed card using artistry/distress/dye inks as you wish,  then adhere the card to white cardstock,  add senti as you wish.. that's all..   simple isn't it?  its coool ..

 i hope you all like it..  comment your views :)

Afreen Banu